Checklist For Documents Needed
For Loan Applications

Having the following information with you when you apply for a loan will significantly speed the process of your mortgage loan:
  1. Social Security Number (s)

  2. Your annual gross salary. List overtime and/or bonus separately.

  3. If in sales or marketing, or any commission income, or claiming any interest or bonus income, provide two years tax returns.

  4. If you receive Social Security Disability or pension income, bring a copy of a check or award certificate from that agency.

  5. If you are self-employed, bring copies of your personal and business tax returns for two years, business profit and loss and balance sheet for the current year.

  6. List all stocks, bonds, and/or certificates of deposit, including their cash value in today's market. If available, bring past two months' statements.

  7. Face amount and cash value of all life insurance.

  8. If you presently own any real estate, please supply the following: name, address of lender, account number, original loan amount and balance on loan today. Provide same information for real estate previously owned and paid off, if applicable. Bring copies of settlement statements on real estate sales within the past two years.

  9. Name and address of all employers for the last two years.

  10. Address of all residences for the last two years.

  11. Bank names and addresses for each savings and checking account, including account numbers and balance in each account. If available, please bring two months' statements.

  12. Complete list of all debts. List account number, approximate balance, amount of monthly payment, the name the account is in, and bank the card is drawn on.

  13. Present housing expenses, i.e., monthly mortgage or rental payment, maintenance, all utilities.

  14. If divorced or separated, provide a copy of your final divorce decree and separation agreement.

  15. Information to order appraisal, i.e., legal description, lot size, person to call for appraiser to gain access to house.

  16. Complete original executed Sales Contract.

  17. Money for credit report and appraisal.



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